Saturday, March 12, 2011

Must be some of the best ribs in the DMV

Located at the back of the Bethesda Flea Market is by far one of the best rib experiences anyone is going to find in the DMV. Hardy's......They have other smoked and BBQ meats and fish however it was the bones are not to be passed up. While the Hardy's have a mobile setup the are not a food truck. He cooks all the food right there and his wife and son take the orders and handle services.  This way Hardy does what he does best and your meal is fresh off the grill.

So it' is worth it for you to truck yourself over to this slice of hog heaven and sample some of Hardy's ribs.  Tell em DCONECITY sent ya'a. They Cater too. 240-893-3182

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tenleytown DC: I saw a woman looking distressed about something w...

Tenleytown DC: I saw a woman looking distressed about something w...: "I saw a woman looking distressed about something with a Bike Helmet on and possibly afraid of the Rot Weiler tied up by her parked bike.&nbs..."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charles Sheen only serves up 1 we got 4 Wins.

We can help any group or individual with our unique ability to connect folks to their communities online.  Take the Chocolate Festival now happening in Fairax.   So this festival is awesome right.  The community ought to know about it right.   Well!  How is that community getting its message to the online community.  The sponsors could place ads with online ad placement services. Right.   What to guess who is the largest google adSense publicher in the DMV.  We there is nothing close to the number of blogs, groups, socialmedia, twitter feeds or websites let alone the community reconnecting back to us.

What we like to think is the epitome of community mindedness is fully on display here for savvy Realtor Katherine Buckely who send out to the entire American University Park neighborhood this laminated community resource guide and she just so happens to consider our site just one of those go to websites.

This is the circle of community that we are seeking to find and nurture with our collections of sites and having Katherine list our site is something that your online ad placement can never give you or anyone for that matter.

 This is the real current of community and it pays in ways that cannot be account for in any thing other then Marginal Utility of Public Good.

And, with Katherine she didn't stop there she went ahead and listed on her own website and we encourage everyone to visit it and if your looking or a Realtor in the Goldern Zip Code then we have to say that we know of one supper community Realtor and the name is the website.

So the 4wins.  The Community wins1 because represents them online and the more exposure the higher the value of this community portal, wins2 because she now has us blogging and linking her in social media and the website. wins3 because it broaden are ability to fulfill our mission to promote community. Finally as we have the youth from the who will start to work on their mission/training they have a valuable community asset they are building /marketing and leaning about cloud, service and their community.

That in our book makes the best and 4th Win. Or  so everybody does.